I don't give a hoot if you are an evolutionist tosspot or what you think of anything about this site. It would be meaningless drivel that I have heard all before yawn yawn. I am not what you might think of as a Christian because I swear and pull no punches and through talking (commonly known as praying!) with Jesus for many years I've never once been told I am doing anything wrong. Jesus was not the meek and mild weak kind, the middle east was even more volatile than it is now and if Jesus had not been a strong guy with equally strong convictions he would have been beaten to death most likely. He would not have been taken seriously at all, at the very least. Yet He had more friends than anyone in History.

If Jesus was nuts or made just one tiny slip up it would surely have been pounced on and he would have been taken to the cleaners. As it was he could not be found at fault EVER, even at his ultimate trial, Pilot said he could find nothing wrong in what Jesus said, claimed, or did. Thousands of years later that has not changed. And Jesus is still alive and well.

This stuff isn't for blind secular idiots so get lost and go live in your piss poor little worthless world that the evil one has provided for you.

There is no discussion here between those who know and those who ignore here. One of the many nonesensicle comments that non-Christian tits ALWAYS spout is 'i'm sick of religion being shoved down my throat' or other similar pathetic childish fuckwit crap.

Well, guess what, us Christians have no choice but to be taught by, led by, bossed by, broadcast to by, and everything but bye by, totally ignorant narrow minded fart faced atheists every sodding minute of our lives. You my friends are nothing more than pitiful objects, pathetic in the true sense of the word. So I ain't interested in your endless boring garbage - piss off and learn something or shut the fuck up.

And Jesus was not about religion - He despised it and He mentioned it twice saying if you want to be religious go and look after the sick and orphans. Followers of Christ are simply that. Folk who attend Bible based churches are not in the least religious. Its a word ignorant secular morons use.

I have spent a good deal more of my fairly long life not as a Christian; I've been where atheists are and know all about that stuff and the smart arsed crap that goes with it whereas they know shit all about Jesus, God, the Trinity, the scriptures, or science - in fact atheists know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING worth knowing and are basically the walking dead. I and all Christians know why its like it is. But you oh so clever atheistic arseholes know better don't you? ehhh? In case you missed the irony, no, you don't.

So, everything is evolving is it? Where is the evidence? There is none. None. Sea beds all over this planet are naked - nothing there to be covered over, over millions of years or minutes. If a jellyfish dies, it gets eaten up, biologically there is sod all left to be buried the day it dies never mind a million years later! There is absolutely no evidence that DNA has become more complex; genetic information has always been complex and is infinitely able to adapt. ALL the evidence shows that genetic information has become less and less complex as time passes. Things decay as can be seen quite clearly, stuff does not spring back into life, only life creates life. There is not one single example of life springing up from any inorganic material, not even organic material produces life once its host dies - all the genetic material is there is it not? What happens? IT ROTS, it spawns NO LIFE. (FFS not even Dorkbrain can miss that one).

(And for the clever brain dead twats - i mean organic stuff being created from inorganic stuff and bollocks to the names you give to any of it you piss brained shit headed know it all arsehole featured tossers).

The above is just one example of the scientific shit espoused by the likes of modern day fools such as hawking, DorkHead dawkins, and the oh so lovable ape attenborough. The answers to these questions are obvious however the stupid moron secular community and their scientists do not like the obvious. It doesn't fit their ever changing theories. Their on going ever more ridiculous claims are designed to fool the public and are relentless in producing ever more fluctuating reasons as to why things are as they are. Fucking dicks.

The Bible NEVER has had to change ONCE.

And if you still question Creation as described quite clearly in Genesis, get yourself on an Alpha Course. Only then can you have any basis to challenge. Darwin was a very very challenged man, he was once a Christian, never ever a great scientist. Isaac Newton on the other hand was possibly the greatest scientist of all. And a Christian.