What a bunch of so called scientist bollock brains who are actually arguing whether monkeys could speak like we do or not! Bloody incredible. Shut the fuck up arseholes and listen, no one ever heard any present or recent day animal speak a bloody word of any language like humans do - do you believe the present day ape has lost the abiliity to speak or evolution simply bypassed one or two specimens? Idiots.

What will we have these wankers be on about next, talking bloody fish? Well fish did sprout legs at some point according to the blathering twats. Present day fish must be really pissed off.

And people actually find this shit interesting or even feasible? More than unbelievable. Wake up FFS.

What absolute Bollocks.

My very first article Talking Monkeys gives you a good idea of what this site is all about. It also allows me to mess about with a web site for the first time.

I don't give a hoot if you are an evolutionist tosspot or what you think of anything posted here. This stuff isn't for blind secular head idiots so get lost and go live in your piss poor little worthless world that Satan has provided for you. There is no discussion here, I've had years of morons hurling insults and its boring. One of the many mindless comments that non-Christian tits ALWAYS spout is 'i'm sick of religion being shoved down my throat' or other similar pathetic childish shit.

Well, guess what, us Christians have no choice but to be taught by, led by, bossed by, broadcast to by, and everything but bye by, totally ignorant narrow minded fart faced atheists every sodding minute of our lives. Pricks. And while I'm on this subject, I've spent a good deal more of my fairly long life not as a Christian; I've been where atheists are and know all about that stuff and the smart arsed crap that goes with it whereas they know shit all about Jesus, God, the Trinity, the scriptures, or science - in fact atheists know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING worth knowing and are basically the walking dead. I and all Christians know why its like it is. But you oh so clever atheistic arseholes know better don't you. Well, piss off then and like a good old rhino brain go and wallow in some shit.