The piece below is my original writing and I can see no reason to alter it so it is as was.

The gormless ignorant cretin Pope might be able to speak fourteen thousand billion languages however he remains an arsehole. Apart from Catholics all Christians know that everything and I mean EVERYTHING revolves and centres around Jesus, NOT Mary. So why does his unholiness gorf head pope think otherwise - i mean I do not go around all day thinking I need Jesus to decide this or that for me but I do know when I need His input, probably not often enough, but I do know and I stop and think and talk to the Lord. I don't go on my own merry way thinking I know it all like I'm the piggin pope who obviously believes more in his own shit than his Lord and Saviour else why would he come out with total and utter bollocks day after day, the vast majority of which is about as useful as a fucking dog turd in a kebab shop.


I will edit this and add to it - i wrote it from the heart as it come out and I do not give a shit. I will probably swear even more. Oh fucking bollocksing cunting shit balls and bell end wanking turd nob ending arses gob.


Oh my oh my, Francis The Fucking Useless Pope. He and his enterage know little it appears about the scientific realities of Creation and even less about the Bible - well he is a Catholic after all and the others probably Italian so why would they know anything (St Paul?), ya know.

Francis started out ok, he sounded like he was going to throw off the cloaks of religiousness nonesense and even some Catholic crapiosness and bollocksness, but that was soon snuffled out by the totally entrenched deep in the smelly shit of wet clay brained and quite frankly dead catholic mainstream bullshit. Who would want to be one of them?

As Christians we should know that Jesus wants us (not commands) to spread the Word of his Gospel. I've studied the Bible quite a bit and never once come across anything that St Paul said that was like 'Catholics can make up their own rules, wear big hats, behave like total twats, and act they know everything even though they are complete ignorant fuckers'. Has anyone else? No. 

I pity Catholics I really do. I can go to any Methodist, Baptist, or Pentecostal Church and worship knowing I am worshiping our Lord Jesus and That Is What It Is All About; no bullshit, no religious garbage, Bible based, Jesus based, Word based, Truth, from beginning to end. Loadsa friends all learning, enjoying others experiences, laughing together, helping each other, being a true community.

Catholic shit - insular community, scared of other Christians (wonder why), based on Popey crap - saying no more, it makes me want to throw up. If you want to be a Christian and allow evil in - be one of these toss pots