I suppose I had better make some comment about it.

I have not watched any of them so far because I know the att is going to mention evolution and I hate the man because of it. He once was asked on TV what he thought of Creationists and all he could say was he had seen babies crying in Ethiopia through starvation and other such things - well, its ok to say that and it is certainly abhorrent and not nice and terrible. Thanks to him and others who go out to these areas in the corners of nowhere land we know about the deprevation, the cruelty, the despair, the horrors, that are around the world.

However, whatever horrors he might have come across I do not remember him saying this: 'what a wonderful and diverse eco system of flowering and non flowering life there is in abundance here in the jungle......' and then telling us exactly how it got there in all its beautiful ultra complexity.

He never does, its all evolution see. Evolution takes care of it all doesn't it. Yeah right. Bollocks.

This piece of crap brained twit is responsible for keeping millions of people away from Christ. Do you know how devastating that is? It is as bad as Herod having all children slaughtered and worse. He may be brilliant as a naturalist but he is even better as an agent of evil. Remember folks, satan is the best at being a deceiver. The reason I have no time at all for people like att is because they should know better.

The vast majority of life in this world is beautiful and simply wonderful. It does not exist by chance or any other stupid method. We want answers as to why things are here? We have the answers already for fucks sake but we don't like them. Well. some pricks don't - why don't those of you who don't piss off to fucking Mars or somewhere then, bye fucking bye.